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The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

  Whether you call them pumpkin seeds or pepitas; “Holy Mole”, these little beauties are packed with goodness. With all the great news being published about the benefits of pumpkin seeds, you would think that this is some kind of … Continue reading

Gluten Free

Like it or not, the world has gone nuts about gluten-free. Why? The reasons vary: some are very real, like celiac, sensitivity or intolerance problems. Others trace to the popularity of the Wheat Belly book. Everyone from Dr. Oz to … Continue reading


Who decided that we all have to fit into a category that defines what we eat? It’s nuts! Not that long ago, you ate what was on your plate or you went hungry. Now the driving force behind today’s food … Continue reading

Recipe Toppings

When sampling our NutBurg burgers, I often get asked, “What condiments should I use on the Original NutBurg and Holy Mole burgers?” My usual answer is, “Anything you want”. Since this doesn’t help much, I will offer some suggestions. The … Continue reading

Best Nut Burger Recipe

The NutBurg was developed to put an end to the elusive quest for the perfect nut burger recipe. Why do burger lovers want nut burgers? It’s really no big surprise: it’s about the taste and it’s about the texture. The … Continue reading

Why do veggie burgers get such a bad rap?

Whether you call them veggie burgers, meatless burgers, or vegan burgers, they all have the same fundamental missing ingredient: meat. Meatless burgers usually fall into two camps, those that try to mimic meat, which are generally made with tofu and … Continue reading

The History of Meatless Monday

Over the past ten years, Meatless Monday has gained momentum as a way to promote the benefits of reducing our meat consumption. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that the history of Meatless Monday stretches back almost 100 years, to … Continue reading

The History of the Nutburg

I have always had an interest in food. It probably started when I got my first kids’ cookbook at about the age of eight. It was a Betty Crocker collection of gastronomic delights, like how to make a grilled cheese … Continue reading

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