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How to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth?

Let’s start by saying, that if you have a constant sweet tooth or a craving for something sweet; it is not completely your fault. Blame it on the processed food industry. The amount of sugar that is consumed in North … Continue reading

A Guide to Meatless Summer BBQ’s

This is the time of year to explore meat-free meals. The BBQ should and will become your best friend when it comes to whipping up gastronomic delights that are uber tasty and yes, meat-free. The simple carrot, green onion, sweet … Continue reading

How to become a Flexitarian

Well, like all roads well traveled, it all starts will with the first step. A man much wiser than me once said, “when you come to a fork in the road……….take it”. Perhaps it wasn’t a wise man, but rather … Continue reading

What Is There If There Is No Gluten?

I’ve talked about gluten in other blogs, and to be sure, North American eating habits have undergone a major shift with the advent of gluten-free foods. If you were celiac ten years ago, you had a hard time finding gluten-free … Continue reading

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