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How Flexitarians are Changing the Food Service Sector

Most people who read our blog are aware that the Original Nutburg, and Holy Mole Nutburg are packaged for the Retail Sector; but we also provide our meatless nut-based burger for the Food Service Sector. The shift in eating habits is having a startlingly effect on the choices that are found on menus in the more progressive food service establishment. The demand for meat-free menu options is primarily coming from; yes you guessed it, the Flexitarians. Our meat-free nut-based burgers prepared for the food sector are a little larger that the retail version, and are presented with everything from guacamole, arugula, caramelized onions, spinach, goat cheese and even topped with a fried egg. There a few restaurants that purchase unformed Nutburgs and prepare a “meatless meatloaf” topped with a veggie-based mushroom sauce. Currently we have one establishment serving the Nutburg as a veggie version of a Po-Boy Sandwich. Nutburg Tacos and Burritos are soon to follow. How about the Nutburg Shepard’s Pie (it tastes fantastic!), or Nutballs in a Marinara Sauce, or Curried Nutballs served on a bed on Basmati Rice? Creative Chefs are concocting wonderful delights to fulfill the growing demand from the new Flexitarian consumer.

Click here for a full list of Food Service Establishments where Nutburg dishes can be obtained.

– James West,
Mr. NutBurg