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What Does One Eat If There IS No Meat?

The primary questions that Vegetarians are most asked by meat eaters is, “So how do you get your protein if all you do is graze on plants”. So in this blog I will try to address the question, “what does one eat if there is not meat”. Well the simple answer is from plenty of fresh, wholesome, healthy foods. The generation behind me gets it; you see I’m in my late fifties and we all grew up with the idea that meat was your source of protein, end of story. The true is, meat is “a source of protein”, but there are an abundance of rich sources of protein found in plant-based food. We are maybe a little biased here because we make two nut-based meatless veggie burgers. Both the Original Nutburg and The Holy Mole Nutburg derive the majority of its protein from nuts.

There are a whack of studies out there that suggest the average male should consume approximately 75 grams of protein per day (45grams for women). Amounts will vary depending on your level of activity and lifestyle, so let’s look , at these amounts as a standard baseline. Did you know that one cup of almonds provides 40 grams of protein and roughly the same can be said for cashews. That is over 50% of your daily protein requirement! You would have to eat more than 6 eggs to get that amount of protein. Another fact is that dried pumpkin seeds contain 10 grams of protein in just one little bitty quarter cup.

Well, it seems that we maybe on to something here. You may ask yourself, “What’s in a Veggie Burger anyway? Well, the Holy Mole Nutburg has almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, while the Original Nutburg has almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds. All great sources of protein. So the next time you are asked, ” how do you get your protein”, you can say, “from plenty of fresh wholesome, and healthy foods; and by the way have your ever had a Nutburg!”

– James West,
Mr. NutBurg