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The Environmental Benefits of Being a Flexitarian

This isn’t exactly an earth shattering statement … but everyone has to eat. It’s what we eat that has a huge effect on our environment. I know that most of us just want to relax over our sandwich for lunch and forget about the daily grind; and the last thing that we want to think about is saving the planet. “Damn, it’s just a chicken salad sandwich, can’t I enjoy it in peace?”. You might be surprised to learn that if everyone in the good old US of A dropped one serving of chicken per week, it would save the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as taking 500,000 cars off the road. Now that is something to chew on!
There have been warnings of methane gas (and we are not just talking about your Great Uncle Albert after a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner) from a livestock greenhouse-gas boom where soaring international production of livestock could, by 2050, release enough carbon into the atmosphere to single-handedly exceed safe levels of climate change according to a 2010 Canadian Study. The livestock sector’s emissions alone, if continuing on the current demand and supply trajectory, could send temperatures above the 2 degrees Celsius rise, optimistically said to be the threshold above which climate change will be dangerously destabilizing.

Maybe we should all be thinking about trying to reduce our meat consumption. There are tons of recipes online for veggie options, if you just search “homemade veggie burgers” you will be kept busy for a good while. Or, try taking a Nutburg for lunch. When precooked the night before they are great in a sandwich with a little hummus, lettuce and tomato, or whatever other veggie you would like to add. Another great option is to cut up a Nutburg and add to a salad.

So please enjoy, and keep us updated with your nutty flexitarian journey!
– James West,
Mr. NutBurg

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