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Gluten Free

Like it or not, the world has gone nuts about gluten-free. Why? The reasons vary: some are very real, like celiac, sensitivity or intolerance problems. Others trace to the popularity of the Wheat Belly book. Everyone from Dr. Oz to Oprah to the school lunch lady is talking about gluten-free. Recent studies suggest that 30% of North Americans have gone, or are trying to go, gluten-free. If you really want to read about it, there are reams of articles about “gut flora”. You can even get gluten-free communion wafers!

If it is good enough for the Pope and if 30% of the population is looking for a gluten-free product, we thought, “Holy Molé” we had better join the gluten-free congregation.

NutBurg’s Holy Mole Burger is gluten-free. To add a “Taste of Olé**” we use Masa Harina, the main ingredient found in tortillas. Adding the Masa Harina to our zesty molé blend of cumin, garlic, cocoa powder, chipotle and pumpkin seeds gave us the “taste of a taco” in a burger format. Olé indeed! To complete the offering, we then added almonds, sunflower seeds and veggies to arrive at NutBurg’s gluten-free Holy Mole burger.

We can’t guarantee that it will be a religious experience, but they are heavenly. We hope you enjoy them.

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** Olé: a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement

– James West,
Mr. NutBurg