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Best Nut Burger Recipe

The NutBurg was developed to put an end to the elusive quest for the perfect nut burger recipe.
Why do burger lovers want nut burgers? It’s really no big surprise: it’s about the taste and it’s about the texture. The nut burger provides a bite profile that appeals to both meat and non-meat eaters. Do a quick Google search for “Nut Burger” and you will be overwhelmed with the number of recipes available online for all possible nuts known to mankind. Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Macadamia, Brazil, Hazelnuts… the list goes on and on. I started to do a little digging to find the reason the proliferation of nutheads in the world.

It seems that people are looking for a different source of protein as a foundation for a meatless burger. In the past, most meatless burgers recipes were soya based, with either tofu or soya protein. Over the past several years, there has been a lot written about the pros and cons of soya and lately the news seems more negative than positive.

On the other hand, Google “the health benefits of nuts” and you will find an overwhelming number of articles on the benefit of theses protein-packed beauties. So Google no further, burger-nuts! Your quest for the perfect nut burger is over. Enjoy the NutBurg – either at home or at a local pub. Check our website for where you can find them, either our original or gluten-free nut burger.

– James West,
Mr. NutBurg