Monthly Archives: November 2016

Why do veggie burgers get such a bad rap?

Whether you call them veggie burgers, meatless burgers, or vegan burgers, they all have the same fundamental missing ingredient: meat. Meatless burgers usually fall into two camps, those that try to mimic meat, which are generally made with tofu and … Continue reading

The History of Meatless Monday

Over the past ten years, Meatless Monday has gained momentum as a way to promote the benefits of reducing our meat consumption. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that the history of Meatless Monday stretches back almost 100 years, to … Continue reading

The History of the Nutburg

I have always had an interest in food. It probably started when I got my first kids’ cookbook at about the age of eight. It was a Betty Crocker collection of gastronomic delights, like how to make a grilled cheese … Continue reading